"Layer Upon Layer"



Have you ever had a horrible situation develop due to your petticoat? Tell us about it!

Suggested by Rona

27 May 16     Rona

"I was dressed to the nines in a dress with a full petti. I was at a fine restaurant having dinner. All went well. I was looked at quite a bit since my dress was so nice! I paid the bill and made to leave. There was a place on the chair where there was a slit between the leg and the seat. Part of a ruffle got caught in the slit! I got up and started walking out. I had gotten about fifteen feet towards the door when I felt something tugging at my dress! I looked back and to my absolute horror there was a string of ruffle from the chair to my skirt! The petti ruffle was unraveling as I walked! There were a lot of grins. I wanted to go POOF and disappear! I managed to gather up the errant ruffle and beat it out of there. Total embarrassment!"

27 May 16        Rona

"I was at an event with a bunch of friends. Guts being guts, mine didn't agree with me that day! I HAD to go to the bathroom or doo-doo my panties! I was in the stall and did my duty. But, when I went to use the toilet paper somehow I got a layer of ruffles between the paper and my butt! You can imagine the mess I made! I had to rip off two layers of ruffles from the petticoat to get all the yuk off! I wonder what the janitor thought when he found the trash can stuffed with all that fluff! Oh my!." 


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