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To me, a lacy full slip of the 60s or 70s worn together with one or two half slips is of the same importance as a full petticoat.

I love them both but, why do you girls here differentiate so much?

What is there about full pettis that makes you so obsessive?

Asked by Chris

Heather 1/12/01

I love wearing the most bouffant crinolines under full circle skirts (my crinolines are 100 yards!). However I adhere to the "slip under crinoline" rule, too. In fact I thought it was the accepted thing to do. Like Donna Leanne I love the feel of a satiny, very lacy slip sliding over my nylon stockings, and the sensation of a crinoline sliding over the satiny slip. I have never practiced wearing one slip on top of another which might, indeed, provide a very sensuous experience. I might try it.

ED: Lawrence Welk used to make his dancing ladies wear straigth slips under their pettis for modesty's sake.  How far we have come!

Rhonda Risque 1/23/00

While full slips can be fun, petticoats are much nicer and very fun. They are so pretty, as one can tell from the photographs included in this web side. I particularly think the feel of chiffon or taffeta petticoats against the legs is very enjoyable.

Rosalyn 10/31/99

Lacy full and half slips are lovely, feminine and feel wonderful beneath everyday fashions such as luxurious sweater dresses or skirts. I have worn a satiny black fullslip, in combination with a copper coloured vintage half slip, underneath a green wool vintage dress, and yes, the feel of that slinky lingerie, as well as the occasional appearance of those lacy hems, is magical and tingly. The aforementioned slip combination was worn with pantyhose and a heavily-boned all-in-one corselette, giving me some curve and enabling me to feel wonderfully feminine. However, when one or more crinolines are worn beneath a satin or taffeta dress, especially one which is vintage and semi-formal, a magical new dimension unfolds for the wearer, and this partially explains the obssessive attitudes and behaviours. Personally, especially as I reflect upon my first petticoat experience, wearing a crinoline beneath a dress necessitates the wearing of several other garments in order to complete the transformation. Vintage bustiers and corsets provide the required figure control to accentuate our waists and torsos, add a little texture to the rich vintage fabrics of these feminine dresses, and provide a narrow and defined starting point from which your crinoline may cascade downward. When one is wearing vintage foundation garments beneath beautiful dresses, stockings must be worn in order to retain the integrity of the silhouette; pantyhose waistbands are cumbersome in this lingerie configuration. Finally, and whether or not a more constrictive basque or bustier is worn overtop of the first foundation garment, after the wearer steps into the crinoline combination and sets the garments in place around reduced waist regions, no experience is more spinetingling or satisfying than feeling that slippery vintage dress fabric glide across your torso and come to rest across the expanse of petticoat material spread beneath it. The cumulative experience of all of the inter-related lingerie garments, the right dress and shoes, as well as correctly applied makeup, explains the obssessive component of wearing crinolines. When this total transformation occurs, whether in the privacy of your own home, at a transformation salon, or at a party or gathering, the wearer experiences a dimension of feminine helplessness, and magical things can happen. At the very least, everyone who observes is instantaneously aware that you are wearing at least one crinoline, and this is before you even attempt to sit or ascend a staircase. When in close quarters with those around you, the extent and degree of your illusion also becomes clearly obvious, the lines of heavily-boned foundation garments appearing through the fabric of your dress, the rich and sometimes musty aroma of vintage garments tickles their noses, and the mysterious and alluring noises created by crinoline materials brushing against stockinged legs and rustling dress fabrics, alerts everyone to your secret. This rich and multidimensional transformation experience, at the centre of which resides at least one pretty crinoline, is what causes these obssessive and exciting behaviours and attitudes.

Davita 4/9/97

I love all types of womens' clothes. I have quite a variety from "frump" to latex. Each has a "purpose/reason." The "look and feel" of each also includes the attitude of the wearer. My moods tell me what to wear. And so to answer the question. Slips go with the regular outerwear. They go with the business or the "want to be ordinary" mood. Before I had any pettis, I did as you do-- wear multiple slips. I did it for the slinky feeling of the nylon, but not to substitute for a petti. I wear pettis when I want to be more feminine. Associated with pettis are lace, ruffles, and frills on the pettis, panties and the outerwear. I may not make a pretty girl, but I can at least feel it.

Estelle 4/18/97

Slips are the most feminine garment I know. There is no difference if I wear one or two lacy slips or a nice petticoat. It depends on what is the "rest"of my clothing. Usually I wear pettis when wearing wide skirts or dresses. Slips go with business type dresses or tight skirts

Liesel 4/27/97

What I wear depends on what I'm planning to do. If I am going to be working on one of my hobbies or doing something else where being dressed up is a nice extra rather than the main thing. I usually wear a straight skirt with either a full slip and a half slip or with two half slips, I love that extra silky softness. I wear a variety of skirt lengths in styles from straight to flared, pleated, and full circle. I have skirts as short as 16, and as long as 35 inches, along with petti's and slips to go with them. When I want to dress up to be pretty and femme, that's when I want petticoats. For me, dressing up in slips and a straight skirt is night and day different from the stuff I wear everyday, but wearing petticoats is by far the Best! Dressing in slips is nice, and I like the look, but dressing in petticoats is wonderful! When I'm dressed up fluffy it's me. I can't imagine anything better than petticoats. I love the way they swing and flip as I walk. I like the way they pouf up my skirt when I sit down, the way they twirl out when I turn, and there is nothing softer than chiffon petti's. When I want to look extra nice, I wear a full circle skirt with lots (!) of frou frou. When I was a child I remember people saying that the good girls in the south always wore seven petticoats. I always try to be good so when I wear chiffon petti's with a full skirt I always wear seven petti's. I love the southern look and I even have some long pantalets that come well below my skirt and petti's. I don't care for net petticoats at all, but I do have some organdy petti's and I just got my first crystal petticoat. The crystal petti seems to be exactly between chiffon and organdy for softness and I like it very much. When I wear an organdy petticoat it is usually on top of five or six chiffon petti's. The organdy petti's I have are my fanciest ones and I like having a pretty petti on top. I used to have some chiffon petti's I fancied up with lace and ruffles. Now I'm getting ready to fancy up some chiffon petti's again. Yes, chiffon petticoats are my favorite. Soft and fluffy is definitely my style. I always wear a slip under my petticoats and sometimes I wear a fancy, tiered, nylon tricot, slip on top of my chiffon petticoats. When I wear the crystal petticoat I just wear a slip under it. I love the bouncy fullness the crystal petti has.

Donna Leanne 5/12/97

First, let Me say that "Petticoat Pond" is simply delicious. I am relatively new to the internet, but a "decorated veteran" in the sweet world of lace and ribbon petticoat frills. I have been an adoring fan of the petticoat for many years. I, like most of you, can remember the wonderful era of the 50's feminine clothing. If only I had been old enough during it to obtain the treasures it created, I would have a closet full of heaven from those years. The "slippy-poos" of the 50's are unmatched to this day. This particular subject is dear to My heart. I adore "matched sets" of undies from the skin out. I have , over time, managed to put together almost every color of set. Not all of the items are perfectly matched. But they are close enough to delight the Feminine eye. I have tried to match the lace especially and the materials. Satin has become My favorite overall. I cherish it's utter softness. It has a sensation all it's own. Satin petticoats are not something you see very often. Satin slips are much more readily available of course. Each of my sets contains panties and bra, garter belt, petti-pants, half slip (s), full slips, and, of course, the frilliest of petticoats to top off the private delights of girlish undies hidden underneath them. Isn't it wonderful to be able to add layer after layer of either contrasting or complementing color petticoats if one should choose to! I have always been a believer in the "slips under petticoats" rule. This "rule" was always adhered to by My Mother, Aunt and Sister in our house as I grew up, watching with concealed envy as rustling petticoat layers presented themselves before me under every form of sweet skirt or dress from daywear to prom wear. I remember hearing My Aunt during a discourse with My pretty Sister about the intricacies of girlish dressing tell Her that Feminine Ladies always wore slips and or half slips beneath their darling petticoats for several reasons. My attention of course was locked totally into the conversation taking place rather non-chalantly before Me.

As they assumed that the words they spoke would be of no interest what-so-ever to a lad such as I. Little did they know that the words were burned into memory and were taken as gospel by me because their Femininity was revered so totally . Thus I have always "followed the rule" and been rewarded with intense delight in being dressed in the ultra feminine pleasures of lace and ribbon frilletted half and full slips, followed by the breathtaking wonder of petticoat after petticoat slithering into place over them. Softly stirring the Femininity inside Me and turning Me into the Girl I simply am and adore being. The reflected image of Me holding the layers out to inspect their incredibly frill- sweetened hems held by dainty painted fingers exploring the delicate fullness of self- applied petticoats is marvelous. And then, at layers end, I am treated to My half and full slips hems and their satin or nylon softness, doubling the psychological joy of willingly dressing in the most decidedly Feminine garments ever made! This realization, coupled with the sounds of petticoat frou-frou music playing around silken legs, the sweet essence of fragrance emanating from the petticoats, the tactility of the satin, lace and ribbons enriching the experience even further, make this a heaven on earth for this Lady. Well, those are My feelings on the subject. Hope it brings a few "Oh, Me too's" from other sweet souls out there.


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