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As a child Poufbunny, were you ever caught in the act of trying on something frilly, and, as a result, forced to get "all dolled up" to show everyone.....family, neighbors, etc.? If so, how do you feel that this form of parental (or guardian) discipline for the "crinimal" act has impacted your life?

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Peggy Sue  31 Dec 07

When I was 12 years old, I was waiting for my boyfriend in his basement to play with his electric train.  While waiting, I noticed the laundry basket by the washing machine.  I went over to take a look, and noticed my friend's sister's large bouffant crinoline on the top.  I could not resist the strong desire to put the crinny on.
While I was wearing the crinoline and mincing about, the sister came into the basement and caught me in the act.  She demanded that I remove my male clothing and allow her to dress me fully as a girl.  I agreed and she proceeded to dress me in her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, slip, huge crinoline and a pretty party dress.  She put me into her high heels, applied a liberal amount of lipstick and rouge on my cheeks.  She tied ribbons in my hair, put earrings on my ears, and then led me outside to parade me around the neighborhood as her cousin.  This ruse of course fooled no one.  I was exhilarated through every minute of the dress-up experience even though I was labelled a sissy, pantywaist, girlboy, missy, transvestite for a long time afterward around my neighborhood.  But it ignited in me my life-time passion and love of dressing in girl's clothing, particularly 50's poodle skirts with crinolines, saddle oxford shoes, chiffon scarves and bobby socks.
Vicki  26 May 05

Yes.  I was at a friend's house.  He had a sister who was taking dance classes.  I don't remember who suggested it, but we put on her dance costumes -- mine was a ballerina with (at the time) at huge tutu.  I loved it.  We danced and pranced for quite a while, then his mom walked in.  She was really mad and we froze while she yelled at us.  She then paraded us downstairs to show his sisters who laughed and laughed.  I burned with embarrassment, mixed with great
excitement.  They moved a year later -- we never really played again after that.

That set off a youth in which on frequent occasions I dressed in neighbor's clothes.  Usually in summer when I had to mow lawns and feed pets of vacationing neighbors.  I thought it was great!  There're more stories there, perhaps another forum question could start it off.

Michael  26 Oct 04

By the time I was nine I had wanted to try on a dress, ,just to see what it was like. I knew better than to ever mess with my mother's clothes and I didn't have a sister. My only girl cousin was a lot older than I, so her clothes were much too large for me.
So one day I asked a neighbor girl what it was like getting all dressed up and wearing a dress. She thought it was funny that I asked and asked me if I'd like to try on one of hers. I told her maybe, but only if she wouldn't tell anyone. She thought for a minute and told me to come to her house the next day after school, when only her sitter would be there. She said we would go up the back stairs and her sitter would never know we were there.
I told my mom after school that I was going to ride my bike. I rode down the street, ditched my bike in the woods and sneaked back to the girl's house. She was all giggles and had several dresses laid out on her bed. I started getting cold feet and told her I changed my mind, but she told me that it might be my only chance and again swore she'd keep my secret. I picked a pretty yellow one with layers of petticoats sewn into it and started to slip it on over my clothes. She stopped me and told me that I had to take my clothes off, that girls didn't wear pants under their dresses. Then she stepped out into the hall while I changed into the dress. I let her back in and when she got her giggling under control, she zipped the back up. She talked me into putting on knee socks and her Sunday shoes (Mary Janes) too.
I felt so strange with the skirt and petticoats brushing my legs, and the shiny black shoes were so cold. At her urging, I began swishing around, acting overly feminine and trying to speak in a prissy voice. We were laughing so hard that her mother, who was standing in her doorway, had to ask a second time what was going on.
I suddenly felt sick. I started looking around frantically for my clothes, but her mother stopped me. She marched us downstairs and called my mother and asked her to come over. She told her that there was some trouble with me and that she'd need to see it for herself. My friend really went to bat for me and tried to say that she had talked me into it and that it was a dare. Her mother said that she didn't think I'd have dressed up like that unless I had wanted to.
When my mother got there and saw me, she was speechless for a moment. Then she asked me what the hell I was doing dressed like that -- I tried to explain that it was just a joke, but she was very upset and embarrassed. She walked around me shaking her head and asked me what I had on under there, as she pulled the dress up and looked at my briefs.
"Thank God" she said with a sigh. My neighbor's mother explained how she'd come home and found me playing like that in her little girl's room. I asked if I could go change, and my mother told me no. My friend went to her room and brought my clothes down, but my mom still wouldn't let me have them. After some more discussion between the women, I was made to sit in the kitchen where they put make up on me and put bows in my hair. I tried not to cry, but couldn't hold back the tears. My mother called me a little sissy boy and asked if we could be left alone. She put me over her knee and lifted the skirt and spanked me.

I have read some fantasies people have about this on the Internet, but believe me, if you ever suffered such humiliation you wouldn't want to remember it.
I was then made to prance and talk in the prissy voice for them. My friend left the room -- I know that she felt terrible for me. This went on for about an hour. Then I was allowed to wash my face and take off the bows and dress, and get dressed in my own clothes.
My mother told me if I ever wanted to play dress up again to let her know. She told me she'd dress me up, including frilly panties, and take me to the arcade to visit my friends.
I wasn't allowed to play with that girl anymore and I didn't dress up for several years until my urges got the best of me. My mother never knew of my crossdressing after that and she passed away a few years ago. I think that what she did to me was very cruel and do not agree with that type of punishment.
The worst part was losing what may have been the best friend I ever had. I only saw her in passing and hardly ever talked to her again. She moved away when I was in the eighth grade.
(anonymous)  1 Jul 04

I was probably 1952 and I was probably 6 or 7 years old. My best friend, my sister and I used to dress up all the time and the three of us would hold a parade using our red wagon as a float. My best friend and I usually dressed as bums and my sister always got to dress as the queen. At times we would all dress up as women wearing my mother's or grandmother's old dress (which were 10 times too large for us). We still looked like bums in drag. Eventually I began to fantasies about wearing my sister's pretty things - silk/satin panties and pretty dresses. I think I tried suggesting how wonderful it might be to my best friend and got a very negative reaction about dressing like a sissy. I never suggested it again but could never get it out of my mind.

Eventually I had to try it. When I did it, I got my first ever boner. I had no idea at age of 6 what was going wrong with me. I remember sitting, hidden in the closet when I heard my mother calling for me. I froze! She must have known something was up because I was just being too quiet. She eventually found me in the closet dressed only in my sisters panties. She scolded me and said wait till your father gets home. My father was rather brutal with his kids and this was terrifying to me. Eventually when he got home and my mother told him about my episode, he found me and forced me to undress and he put the panties back on me. He started calling me Roberta. I was balling, totally humiliated and just knew that I could never live this down. While they let me get out of the panties to get redressed as a boy almost immediately, I felt my life was over. I was totally humiliated.
I think that it was more than a day before I would even venture out of my room and look any family member in the eye again. My brother and sister seemed to know how badly I was taking it; so that they never said anything about it to me. My brother did tell one of his friends at school about it, and he in turn told his little brother, who was in my grade in school. When confronted I just denied the allegations and it all just blew over. Thinking back on it, this was probably a best case outcome. Thank God there were no bullies around to start teasing and taunting. I don't know how much was said behind my back but nothing was said to my face.
This episode scared me for life. The trauma of it is still vivid today - more than 50 years later. My parents probably think that it was successful parenting because to their knowledge I never did it again. The reality is that I never allowed myself to get caught again but have dressed up all of my life. I have raided my sister's, my mother's and my wife's drawers and tried on everything that would fit and some that did not. I have gone through the typical hidden inventory of cloths followed by total purges, followed by a slow build up of new inventories.
I doubt that the humiliating punishment had anything to do with it. I just love the feeling of soft and pretty panties, slips, dresses, petticoats and love being dressed as a woman. It's a fetish. In my younger days it always ended in masturbation. I have felt like a sinner all of my life. As a Catholic alter boy I knew that I would burn in hell for my acts and yet I have never confessed this sin. The guilt probably had something to do with me loosing my faith even though I had more than 14 years of Catholic education. I have three kids and six grandchildren and am otherwise totally masculine with no homosexual inclinations. I am now separated from my wife and I have never let anyone know, but I now dress up whenever I am home and have a huge inventory of cloths with at least 7 petticoats. I love my female side and I love Pettipond and think that Tessy: you are wonderful. It is nice to know that I am not the only one. Thank you so much.
Kimmie  1 Apr 02

I do not know for sure at the age of four whose idea it was to dress me as a girl, but it was done around 1959 at a day care center.  I know I  had a wetting problem at  that age, and a younger sister had died within a year. I do remember being diapered many times and even being kept in the nursery many times. I do remember being told there were no clean clothes for me, and I think I looked at a dress hanging and said, "What about that?" I do remember many days playing with the girls on the swing and having fun and being accepted. I seem to remember being sent to the girl's side by the boys too. All this ended when Mom came early one day -  I think I remember standing  outside the gate of the center waiting and the police were there. I  remember Mom coming out and saying that I  wouldn't be going back there again. I still remember missing my friends, but my favorite friend I now have met again years later, she married a boy I grew up with; she remembers me, but the dress has never been mentioned.  I have continued to dress all of these years, but my favorite will always be the frilly little dress with that full petticoat!

Rhonda Risque  19 Jan 00

I was "caught in the act" at least twice, while wearing my mother's clothes. It was very embarrassing and upsetting, of course, and I promised both times that I would never do it again. I tried to be careful whenever I wore her clothes, but there were two times when one of my parents came home unexpectedly. The first time, in June 1961, I had made the mistake of answering the phone and was talking to a cousin when my mother suddenly came home. She was obviously shocked, said nothing, and left immediately. A little while later she called me and said we would have to talk about this. Naturally, there was a confrontation with my father that night. They said I needed "help." I was very upset and tearfully promised never to do it again. I kept my promise for at least a year.

There were a few times when they suspected I had resumed cross-dressing, but it was several years before my father came home unexpectedly one evening and found me wearing a dress, petticoats, bra, girdle, stockings, and scarf. My mother had bought a two-layer, triple-tiered nylon chiffon petticoat about 1962 and I sometimes wore it. That was the only petticoat she ever had. It really made the dresses look full and fluffy. I enjoyed the way it felt, too. Anyway, I again promised never to do it again. After that, I did "slip" a few times. Then, about 1967, I completely stopped wearing my mother's clothes and never did it again. Later, in the fall of 1979, I bought my own female clothing and, within a few months, went public for the first time.

I was never forced to cross-dress. Once, however, I was asked if I would dress as a girl for a Cub Scout program. I refused. I hadn't started cross-dressing yet and I couldn't bear the thought of anyone laughing at me, as usually happened when a boy or man dressed as a female. After all, I was used to watching Milton Berle and other comedians in drag and they clearly did it for laughs. I was simply too sensitive to dress-up and have people laugh at me, perhaps because I had suffered enough teasing as a child because I was always tall for my age.

Much later, I would have people tell me how much they liked the way I dressed. Many people were fascinated with the many petticoats I wore. Generally, I found very few cross-dressers here would wear 1950's styles. There was one female impersonator, however, who did sometimes wear very full skirts with petticoats. Most cross-dressers I've met tend to dress as modern women.


Cindy 29 Sep 99

Yes I was caught trying on a dress when I was almost six. It was real late at night when at night when I thought everyone was asleep. The woman I was boarding with scolded me and told me little girls don't wear dresses to bed. She then dressed me in a nightie while telling me this is what I should wear. I was then sent back to my bedroom where the other boy boarders slept. She woke them and introduced me as the new boarder and after much laughter, I was made to sleep in the gown.

The next morning, after eating breakfast while still in the gown, I was sent back to my room while the others went out to play. After a short wait, she entered with her arms full of her daughter's prettiest clothing. After much screaming and kicking, I was dressed completely as a little girl. The only thing of mine was my shoes. I can still remember the dress as if it was yesterday. I was then forced out the back door into the yard with the other children including her daughter.

It was not wonderful at the time and I withstood much humiliation and shame as the oldest boys kept lifting my skirts and laughing while telling the others to look at my panties. I was helpless as I could only cry. I remained in the clothes for the whole day including that afternoon when I was allowed to remain inside. I spent it playing with the daughter in her room. That's when I started liking the feeling of being a little girl. It was a soft pretty world that allowed me the freedom to be sensitive and gentle.

As for the long term effects, it's been fifty years since that happened and I'm still dressing up in the same style little girls dresses (custom made). Was the humiliating events responsible? I think so, since every time I dress up, I am not playing at being a little girl but at being again the little boy being put to shame and made fun of. Humiliation seems to be my driving force though there is a real calming effect too. I just plain like feeling soft, sweet and pretty even if it is just play acting. I only wish I could dress up all the time and enjoy the swirling skirts, petticoats, ribbons, etc. continuously. I love being a sissy boy.


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