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Does anyone enjoy trying to attempt perfecting a specific look, such as 1950's formal elegance, or a bride, or a bridesmaid, or even a lady about to attend an 1850's ball? Is the experience enhanced by the selection and wearing of all of the related undergarments, shoes, gloves, etc., and then by the awareness that those around you know you are dressed completely and accurately en femme?

Suggested by Rosalyn

[The assumption is that many out there enjoy the complete experience of dressing in foundation garments, hosiery, slips, and wigs, cosmetics, and ultimately, dresses which are fashionable, fit well, and were designed to accommodate one or more petticoats or crinolines...or is just slipping into a crinoline in a quiet and empty place enough to satisfy...Personally, if I were a petite person, I would want nothing more than to be able to wear either COMPLETE ensemble which Vera Ellen and Audrey Hepburn are wearing in the most recent Updates.]

4 Apr 11   Mardee Lousie Prynne
It would be a total waste not to dress in the panties, foundations, hose and all the other intimates associated with one's outer ensemble. 
I still adore the fifties and early sixties unmentionables.
30 Aug 05   Trish
The specific look that I'm trying to recreate is the 50's little girl look. Like many other "LGs," I grew up in the 50s and was very envious of the the little girls of that era. I can remember going to church or parties back then and being totally captivated by the outfits that all the little girls wore back then. What I would have given to be able to switch clothes with some of those little girls! The thought of running around in a chiffon party dress with a full petti, ruffled satin panties, baby socks, and a pretty bow in my hair would have been absolute heaven to me.
Now, it is very easy to obtain any of these items in my size. There are so many dress makers on eBay that are eager to make these outfits for LGs that I now have over 50 of the most adorable outfits imaginable with wonderfully full pettis to go with them. Hardly a night goes by that I'm not attired in one of these cute outfits. The dresses and the pettis very much capture the look and spirit of little girl clothes of that era since I think many of the dress makers really enjoy making them. Probably because so many mothers don't want to dress their little girls in these wonderful dresses and it gives dress makers a chance to practice their craft to the fullest since these dresses are so detailed. Of course it's hard to make an adult male look like a little girl, but wearing these dresses makes me feel like I'm in seventh heaven! What else could you ask for? 
7 Jan 03   Donna-June

I try to experience the realism in everything I try to emulate including my current one a typical 1950's television style housewife.  I once read that 90 percent of the outfit is the undergarments.  Without them the outfit will never look realistic and one will never move or stand properly.  When I dress as the typical 1950's television style housewife I dress from skin out in everything the typical 1950's television style housewife would have worn.
My wife and I started this during Halloween of 2002 and I have been living this life on weekends, holidays, and vacations ever since.  We are very close to the image we are looking for and are waiting on my new cat-eye glasses and also trying to perfect a hairstyle that looks 50's.  I am gravitating towards the long poodle style haircut.  Beware though; wearing full petticoats for a long; long time does change the way you feel about them.  For me it has gone from exciting and exhilarating to normal and

12 Jan 01 Heather

When I crossdress, I do dress in what would be called an "ordinary" outfit with a simple blouse and skirt or dress over a bras, panties, slip, garter belt and stockings with wig, earrings, heels and makeup. However my special love is the look of the 50's which I recall vividly from my school days, and often this is the special look that I try to emulate in my crossdressing. I have purchased several full swing-style skirts similar to the "poodle" skirt of the 50's. As well I have purchased several large crinolines(100 yds) and taffeta petticoats(100 yds) to wear under these full skirts. I also wear a full or half lacy slip with matching panties under the crinoline as girls in the 50's often did. I would never wear pantyhose with this look, only stockings with a garter belt as this was the practice of the 50's. I wear a chiffon scarf around my neck or tied into my wig as was the practice of the 50's, too. I wear lots of deep red lipstick as this was also customary with the teenage girls of the 50's along with blush, mascara and some eye shadow. Yet I never did acquire the proper shoes to finish the "look" satisfactorily, namely the "saddle" shoes the girls loved to wear in the 50's.

17 Jul 99 Davita

I enjoy attempting the perfect look or should I say I need to perfect the look. However, I don't have any one time period for which I am trying to perfect except for "today". As it is, I am painstakingly going through electrolysis so I can be worry-free about a five o'clock shadow or for having a furry chest where no woman does. I am carefully selecting my attire for any time of day or night. I went to a masectomy parlor and was fitted by a professional so that I would look just ever so ordinary. Not too chesty and having just enough that any girl would be happy and not feel slighted by nature. I bother to ask the cosmetic counter saleswomen what colors of make up are right for me. I am working on the right wig and style right now. Next will be glasses. *smile* Gosh, I love it when "money talks". Never had I ever received a bad time from a salesperson. My outterwear is coming along just fine with business wear, casual, evening and *blush* sexy time. My lingerie is practical and as feminine as I want it to be. When I dress, it's for as long as possible--my lingerie has to be comfortable. So do I like to perfect a look? ummmmmm YES *giggle*

24 Jun 99 Rosalyn

I think that the ultimate experience in dressing en femme would have to be as a 50's bridesmaid, together with at least one other enthusiast and several of the bride's closest friends. The aura which surrounds women, half clad in elegant 50's lingerie, fussing over the bride's petticoats, hair, and makeup is more than a girl can stand. To be one of 5 pink taffeta-clad bridesmaids, enveloped in boned corsetry, silky stockings, and several organza/taffeta crinolines, represents the ultimate dressing fantasy. Sharing the inner secrets of the pre-wedding dressing experience, drinking tea while having makeup applied, lounging in a large comfortable room with other girls, all fully dressed except for their gowns, sends shivers up my spine. To be photographed by guests as we gush over the bride, matching pink high heels clicking the sidewalk and gusty breezes revealing layers of petticoat to the world, cumulatively adds to the experience. Sharing the experience of having another girl zip up the tightly-bodiced gown to the point of breathlessness, and her subsequent comments about how natural your curves appear to be, only heightens the anticipation of having the wedding guests watch you precede the bride, her bouffant gown dwarfing your miniscule petticoated illusion. Still, when you make eye contact with a guest or two, and you are convinced that they know you are wearing all of the same feminine garments as your sisters, reinforced by the sight of the lacy hem of your outer crinoline, now peeking from beneath the pink gown, the boning of several constricting foundation garments plainly visible through the taffeta material of your bodice, you have established credibility and you know that your feminine illusion has succeeded. The fitting conclusion to this dressing event is simply to enjoy the rich rustling sound achieved by the combination of stockings, petticoat, and the taffeta of the dresses, and of course, to raise your hem in a teasing fashion from the dance floor, whenever a guest's camera lens is pointed in your general direction. I personally would make sure that my modesty was preserved by the placement of a lace-edged Vanity Fair half slip between my corselette and the first crinoline. The only other hard decision would be whether or not to apply painted false nails on hands which would be covered by formal length white satin gloves for much of the event. Perhaps my salon transformation experience could encompass this theme, but then all of the attention to correct layering of lingerie and cosmetic shading would perhaps be wasted because of the absence of 200 appreciative wedding guests, 4 other"girls", all enjoying the same dressing fantasy, and a petticoated bride to dote upon.


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