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Do "real" ladies enjoy and got the same satisfaction in wearing soft rustling petticoats and lingerie the way that
CDers do? Do you think that if a CDer magically became a real girl overnight, would the fascination still exist?

Suggested by Jacqueline

29 May 05  Rachel Elizabeth

We girls sure do like the feel of petticoats and feminine lingerie. I think my feelings when I put on that silky slip and oh-so-soft petti are probably just the same as a CD who wears them.  Growing up poor I never had a complete matching set of anything, and dresses were rare because they cost a lot more. But I remember my only petti like it was this morning.  I would play dress up with my friends, and I'd wear it instead of a skirt because I had no dress to go with it.  It was originally intended for
a poodle skirt I  made for 4-H , which was quickly outgrown.  The petti was knee length white nylon organza, and I kept it until I could no longer get it on.  I also had one beautiful dress my mother
made for me for Easter one year (the best dress ever) and it had a built in petti.  It wasn't very
full, but it was nice.  I still love the feel of silky slips and pettis and all the rest of the stuff.  I'm
not a big fan of satin for the outer garments -- I'm a cotton and velvet girl.  Tights are OK, but I really prefer garters and stockings, unless I'm dressing up as a LG. Then I tolerate tights, but I
buy one size too big, for comfort.  The waistbands always leave unsightly ridges under my clothes because, although I am not very fat,  I am soft. and you know, I think that even if a CD were to suddenly become a girl, they would still like the feminine fashions simply because they are so
feminine and pretty and feel so good!

17 Apr 04 Elle Kay

I love to wear clothes that make me feel feminine; I love the way the softness of my lingerie feels against my skin, the way the ruffles on my skirt move as I move.  I think that if a CD became a woman overnight that their feelings wouldn’t change.  I do feel though as a woman we can sometimes take the feelings our clothes give us for granted.  

21 Jan 00 Maria

Wearing beautiful things is a very pleasurable experience in many ways - but, like Allison, I agree that the practicality issue does have an impact on how often and when you can wear these things. I would hate to have to wear "feminine" clothes all of the time. They are often a hindrance to basic comfort, and are frequently more of a "trap" than a pleasure. (They come to define 'femininity', when it is really so much more.) 

30 Dec 99    Allison

The idea of "dressing to the nines" is one that few people have the time for these days. As a woman, I enjoy beautiful and feminine clothing and wear these fashions anytime that I can do so, but a beautiful dress with long flowing skirts (my favourite) or slinky dresses that show off all of the curves are not practical on a day to day basis.

In the business world, women, like men, must dress to the codes of the job and if one hopes to get anywhere in the organization, dressing to the code is an important a factor as anything else. I may not be a big fan of business wear but I am compelled to wear it: a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweat shirt just won't do. So the skirt and jacket and the top are part of the outfit no matter what I think.

Would TV's feel the same way if they awoke as women? Yes, I think so, at least after a while. I can take pleasure in pretty slips and undies
for my own enjoyment; I like the way they look (if only to me) and I
like the way that they feel. I like the way they make me feel. And I
think that new women would enjoy that too. The old saying that when you look good you feel good is as true today as it always has been: it doesn't mean (necessarily) that it is a sexual feeling, but more that you feel ready and complete and natural. The pressure of image is something that women feel more than men I think, a pressure that they have brought upon themselves in many ways, but a reality nonetheless. And while I sometimes hate and resent the way that others (mainly men, but not exclusively) treat me, I still like
being me and enjoying my life as a woman.

8 Oct 99    Kitten

Yes, there are women in this day and age who enjoy wearing crinolines. It is just not that often that you can find them, I think. I have always seen crinolines in films, but it was not until last year that I had even heard of your site. I had been intrigued by the idea of wearing them, but had no clue on how to find them. A wonderful and dear friend showed me your site, and from there I started hunting. I found my first crinoline in Charleston, NC, when visiting with some family, and then, over the next few months, found some on E-bay that I fell in love with. I finally got brave enough to start wearing them out in public and I loved it. The feeling of being so totally feminine and, the way they move with you as you walk was incredible. I normally like to be more feminine in my clothing, with wearing stockings and all, but I could not have felt more so if I tried once I was wearing the crinoline. And the reactions of people around me, especially the men, was surprising. I had worn it to work and the amount of compliments had me on cloud nine all day long. I can very much see why women wore them; to feel dainty and feminine while getting the most help and proper manners from men. And the look that a person gets in his or her eyes when seeing someone dressed in a crinoline, makes you realize why the lover's lane was so busy during the fifties. And yes, I only know about the fifties thanks to my parents, and old B rated movies. :)

I can see why a CD would enjoy them so, with the feminine loveliness of them, and the way they float around a person as they walk. From what I understand, it is the symbol of it, along with how it looks, that they enjoy so much. I don't see how anyone, having worn them, be the person male or
female, wanting to give them up. They become a statement of who you are and how you want to be treated. They make me feel totally feminine and slightly helpless, but at the same time give me a feeling of control when men will go to great limits to use their best manners around me and seem helpless to watch me as I walk away. Seems I have some retro shopping to do now and some sewing, since I intend to wear my crinolines on a more regular basis.

[from the editor] Hello Kitten --

You are very brave, indeed, to do such a thing in this age, where women have been brainwashed into thinking that less is more. You seem to grasp what very few women these days do not: Clothing can be an enormously subtle, but effective way for a woman to bring out the best in a man, whether it be sexual or social. However, I suppose it is the men's fault, mostly. They have given women, in general, the impression that the only thing they want is nudity or semi nudity, and the women in this country at least, have bought that hook, line, and sinker. What a great shame! Why not emphasis the difference between the genders, instead of blur them? It makes life so much more interesting, and gives woman their due, their respected and elevated place in society, instead of making them a commodity. A large portion of the "feminist" movement missed that, now didn't they?

More power to you! Keep it up, and, should you want to share your new look with the rest of us, send us a picture to two! As of now, we only know of one other lady ("PettiLady") brave enough to to take up this retro cause, and she has expressed similar sentiments (see next entry). We poor dreamers can only dream of a world long lost. <sigh>.

Love, Tessy

12 Jul 99 PettiLady

Yes, I am out here keeping up with all the news at Pettipond. Since you requested that only REAL women should reply to topic # 9, I feel obligated to do so.

I love wearing full skirts with very full petticoats. I love the softness against my skin that I feel when i put on silky hose...lacy bras... and everything else that makes me feel so very feminine! It's hard to describe the sensation that I get when I go out all dressed up. I think CDers are only expressing themselves to a fashion they find appealing and would like to see more women wear....maybe even their significant other. To me, this is true fashion!

Regarding the other question on CDers, I think that even if a CDer changed overnight into a real woman, that person would still love to dress this way. It is not a question of being a "sissy" it is just a long forgotten style that many of us (men and women) hate to give up! A lot of men tell me how wonderful I look and they wish their wife would dress like this....their wives are wearing jeans and t-shirts at the time. Pardon me!! But jeans are for fishing in my brook! I want to look sexy..feminine..helpless...and any other adjective that applies. I also love seeing the adoring looks that I get from my husband. I have said it before and i will say it again. REAL WOMEN DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING!!!!


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